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Check out our Madden 18 WR's to trade for list. We have top Wide Receivers you can trade for, such as A.J. Green, Emmanuel Sanders, DeSean Jackson, and much more. We have WR's to trade for in a written trade as well as a picture.

Teams Deepest At Wide Receiver In Madden 18 Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant 91 overall, Terrance Williams 81 overall, Cole Beasley 81 overall. Dallas had one of the best groups of receivers last season, and they’re on our list of teams deepest at wide receiver in Madden 18 as well. Madden NFL 18 Ratings: Wide Receivers - EA SPORTS The skill level of today’s wide receivers makes that easy to achieve. OK, so nothing in the NFL is easy. Not even the tablets are easy, just ask Bill Belichick. Fortunately, turning on your console to play Madden is a lot easier than getting into the NFL. Here, let’s focus on the best WRs Madden NFL 18 has to offer.

Of course, these aren’t the only teams with great depth at the WR position in Madden 18. There are plenty of others worthy of making our list.

There is no doubt that Gun Bunch is one of the most over covered formation in all of the Madden world for the last several years. Red Zone Offense Strat In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke breaks down his red zone offensive strategy! Madden NFL 13 - Wikipedia

It was the first game of the series since Madden NFL 2002 to not feature EA Trax and instead only had instrumental music, which was met with criticism. [7]

World Gaming offers an in depth look at the top wide receivers (WRs) in Madden 18, giving you the edge on the gridiron. Check out these Madden 18 Best Wide Receivers. Join the Madden NFL 18 Showdown Series Familiarizing yourself with the elite group of WRs at your disposal can be the difference between victory and defeat. 5 Best Quarterbacks You Want on Your Team in Madden 18 Madden 18 is here. And with another year of gridiron action comes another year where you'll want to be the best coach on the field -- with the best quarterback leading your offense down the field. To do that, you need to know who the best quarterbacks are in Madden 18-- whether they're on your team or on the other side of the ball. Madden 18 New Mechanics DB/WR Interactions - Sports Gamers Online Via their official page, EA Sports has released details on new mechanics coming to Madden 18. The new features focus heavily on the on field interaction between the defensive backs and wide receivers. New Mechanics. This year, Madden NFL 18 will feature a whole new meta-game.

Jamison Crowder leads Top-10 slot receiver ... -

Jamison Crowder leads Top-10 slot receiver separation -

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Madden 18: WR and TE ratings for the Miami Dolphins With the last two units on offense, we dive into the Madden 18 ratings for the wide receivers and tight-ends of the Miami Dolphins. Madden 18 has Jarvis Landry ranked in the top 15 wide receivers ... #1 WR in Slot - Page 2 - Operation Sports Forums For example, if you were in a 4-3 and they came out 4 wide and the CB 1 was matched up with a slot WR, a LB would have to go to the outside. Too many situations like this made that feature problematic. And also, most nfl teams don't shadow WR's anymore, most corners are responsible for a side. Madden 18 Ratings: Top 10 Best Players | Games Madden 18 Ratings: Top 10 Best Players ... could make an argument to be the top-rated wide receiver, Jones getting the nod will be met with little criticism. ... and 92 speed ...

Mar 14, 2018 ... The slot WR (the inside WR) in the bunch runs a shallow cross that will ... as your mindset when it comes to passing like a pro in Madden 18! Madden 17 Money Play: Gun Bunch Quads Stick - Sports Gamers Online Feb 12, 2017 ... Today we have one of the best passing plays in Madden NFL 17. ... if you streak the X (Square on the PS4) slot WR to clear out the area first. PA Post Shot - JoelCP's Tight Flex Offensive Gameplan by JoelCP ...